Texakoma shares insights
With over 38 years of experience, Texakoma – as an independent energy company – shares perspectives on an ever-evolving industry:

View From Below: E&P Magazine interview with Sr Reservoir Engineer, David Williams, June 2016

Maximizing Efficiencies in an Era of Evolution: World Oil article by Drilling Engineer, Keith Arnold, September 2016

‘Permian Panic’ Draws Operators, Boosts US Onshore Rig Count: Drilling Contractor interview with Drilling Engineer, Keith Arnold, November 2016

Applying Enhanced Cyclic Diversion Process in Granite Wash Open Annulus Horizontal Completion: Senior Engineer, Completion and Petrophysicist, Lonnie Sullivan, partners with Halliburton to author SPE whitepaper, March 2017 (Permission provided by SPE)
SPE full article available here

The Texas Railroad Commission is a state agency that oversees and regulates oil and gas drilling and production in the State of Texas.

Oil and gas production data can be found searching for the three Texakoma companies that have previously or currently operate wells in Texas (Texakoma Exploration & Production, LLC, Texakoma Operating, LP, and Texakoma Oil & Gas Corporation). Cumulative oil and gas production figures represent the aggregate of all three Texakoma companies in that county.

According to the Texas Railroad Commission, Texakoma’s production over the course of 2012 and 2013 within Roberts County surpasses that of any other producer in Roberts County. Production of all operators within Roberts County can also be found using a general query on the Texas Railroad Commission website.

Texas-Drilling.com is a comprehensive database that includes information on oil and gas leases, permits, operators, production in the state of Texas.

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