Exploration, operation, development and production of oil and natural gas in the United States.

Since 1982, the Texakoma Group1 (“Texakoma”) has established and grown our oil and gas exploration, operation and production business around our greatest asset, our people. Behind Texakoma’s Executive Management team and our core of industry respected and veteran engineers, geologists, landmen and professional staff – many having over 20 years with Texakoma – we have been able to find, explore and develop numerous oil and gas fields in states such as Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Pennsylvania.

Texakoma was one of the top coal bed methane gas producers in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico before selling that asset (which included 22,000 acres under lease with 76 producing wells and gross reserves of 170 bcf) to POGO Producing Co. in 2004. Since 2012, we have been among the largest oil producers in Roberts County, Texas2.

Texakoma continues to utilize cutting-edge geological and engineering data and techniques to increase and expand our oil and gas operations domestically.

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1 “Texakoma Group” includes Texakoma Oil and Gas Corporation (sold in 2004), Texakoma Exploration & Production, LLC, Texakoma Operating, LP and Texakoma Resources, LLC. Texakoma Financial, Inc. is an affiliate of the Texakoma Group.
2 Source: Production volume reported on the Texas Railroad Commission